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> > Shell Structures in Civil and Mechanical Engineering: Theory and analysis

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Shell Structures in Civil and Mechanical Engineering: Theory and analysis



Shell Structures in Civil and Mechanical Engineering comprehensively covers the theories governing the membrane and bending behaviour of thin elastic shells. It applies these theories to obtain practical solutions for a wide variety of shell structures encountered in the civil and mechanical engineering disciplines.


  • ISBN: 9780727760289
  • Páginas: 464
  • Tamaño: 17x24
  • Edición:
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Año: 2018

Disponibilidad: 3 a 7 Días

Contenido Shell Structures in Civil and Mechanical Engineering: Theory and analysis

Shell Structures in Civil and Mechanical Engineering comprehensively covers the theories governing the membrane and bending behaviour of thin elastic shells. It applies these theories to obtain practical solutions for a wide variety of shell structures encountered in the civil and mechanical engineering disciplines. Through a detailed examination of the mathematical solutions, the treatment reveals important insights on the mechanics of the shell, allowing the designer to make more informed choices.

Shell Structures in Civil and Mechanical Engineering:

• presents a thorough discussion of the applicability and limitations of the membrane hypothesis in the context of the more general bending theory of shells
• develops the membrane and bending theories of shells, and presents a wealth of closed-form mathematical results for a wide range of shell structures, including junction problems
• includes design considerations and parametric findings for domes, shell roofs, cooling towers, pressure vessels, tanks, new shell forms for liquid containment and novel multi-shell assemblies
• presents the fundamentals of shell buckling and of finite element modelling of shells.

This new edition is intended for civil and structural engineers involved with the design of domes, architectural shell roofs, industrial barrel roofs, cooling towers, silos, elevated water reservoirs, liquid-containment structures at water treatment works, egg-shaped sludge digesters, oil-storage tanks, chemical storage vessels, and pipelines for water, oil and gas.
It will also be of interest to mechanical and industrial engineers involved with the design of pressure vessels, boilers, nuclear containment vessels and associated piping. The rigorous derivation of theory and inclusion of new findings will appeal to researchers and postgraduate students in these fields.


01 Introduction              

1.1 Overview of shell applications                                                       
1.2.Shell action in relation to beam,  arch and plate actions                      
1.3.Thin-shell theories in relation to more general theories                       
1.4.Historical developments in linear shell theory and analytical solutions               
1.5.General aspects of the membrane theory of shells                              

02 Membrane theory of shells  of revolution

2.1.General shells of revolution under axisymmetric loading
2.2.Special cases of axisymmetric shells of revolution of zero Gaussian curvature
2.3.General shells of revolution under non-axisymmetric loading    
2.4.Deformations  in axisymmetrically loaded shells of revolution

03 Membrane solutions for various  shells  of revolution under axisymmetric loading          

3.1.Pressure vessels                                                                     

3.2.Elevated liquid-filled vessels                                                        
3.3.Roofs and domes                                                                       
3.4.Cooling towers                                                                 

04 Membrane solutions for shells  of revolution under non-axisymmetric loading           

4.1.Spherical shell                                                               
4.2.Conical shell                                                                               

05  Axisymmetric bending of cylindrical shells   

5.2 Derivation of the governing equation  
5.3.General solution                                                             
5.4.The case of a long cylinder                                                    
5.5.The case of a short cylinder                                                   
5.6.Practical applications                                                         

06 Axisymmetric bending of general shells  of revolution

6.2.Derivation of the governing differential equations    
6.3.Practical solutions for the spherical shell
6.4.Practical solutions for the conical shell
6.5.Approximate solutions for general shells of revolution

07 Flexibility analysis of shell-ring systems and multi-shell assemblies

7.1.Pressure vessels                                                               
7.2.Intze tanks                                                                    
7.3.Domes with edge ring beams                                                     
7.4.Multi-segmented spherical vessels                                              

08 Parametric studies of liquid-containment shells  of revolution and roof domes          

8.1.Elevated liquid-filled spherical vessels                                              
8.2.Egg-shaped  sludge digesters                                                          
8.3.Spherical domes and caps                                                              

09. Membrane theory and solutions for general cylinders                   

9.2.Governing equations and general solution
9.3.Boundary conditions
9.4.Solutions for horizontal circumferentially closed cylindrical vessels filled with liquid
9.5.Solutions for horizontal troughs  filled with liquid                           
9.6.Solutions for barrel roofs                                                     
9.7.Bending considerations  for barrel roofs                                              

10 Membrane theory and solutions for shells  of arbitrary shape    

10.1.Governing equations           
10.2.Solution approach based on a stress function                                    
10.3.Application to shell-roof problems                                                   

11 Buckling of shells
11.2.Cylindrical shells                                                                   
11.3.Results for other shells                                                             

12.Finite element analysis of shells                                                      

12.2.A simple formulation  for shells of revolution                                      
12.3.General procedure for stress analysis                                                
12.4.General formulation  for dynamic analysis                                          
12.5.General formulation  for stability problems                                         
12.6.Flat shell elements                                                             
12.7.Isoparametric finite elements                                                        
12.8.Concluding remarks                                                                   

13.Design considerations for shell structures                                          

13.2.Steel shells    
13.3.Concrete  shells    


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