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Concrete durability corrosion protection



compilation 25 Aci compilations combine material previously published in institute periodicals to provide compact and ready reference on specific topics. The technical committee,only the opinions of the individual authors.However,the information presented here is considered to be a valuable resource for readers interested in the subject.


  • Páginas: 84
  • Tamaño: 21X28
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  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Año: 1998

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Contenido Concrete durability corrosion protection

Protection against chloride-induced corrosion Corrosion inhibitors in concrete Evaluation of bridge deck protective Concrete cracking in coastasl areas:problems and solutions Sealing to improve durability of bridge infrastructure concrete Mesh-based cathodic deck protection Durability of post-tensioned prestressed concrete Structural system performance in parking structures Site investigation of reinforcement placement on building and bridges Cathodic protection on new high.rise building in Adu.Dhabi Preventing reinforced concrete deterioration in the arabian gulf HPI Durability of concrete treated with silanes

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